What a journey! From one-on-one mentoring to a worldwide pastoral training movement

our-storyLeadership Resources has always sought to bring God’s Word and God’s heart to God’s people. But honestly, in our early days, we had no idea that today we’d be equipping pastors in some of the most remote and neediest places of the world. Here’s how the Lord has graciously led us…

One-on-one discipleship

1970 Ministry begins as Personal Ministries. Founder Bill Mills meets one-on-one to disciple young Christians in Biblical truth.

Staff expansion begins. Bible study curriculum and workshops are developed, with printing press added.

Church conference ministry

1977 – Church-focused ministry begins. We teach Bible conferences in U.S. churches, with a focus on the heart of God as revealed in the Word of God.

Latin America work

1981 International work begins. We bring Bible conferences to missionaries and churches in Latin America.

1985 Pastor training begins. The first Latin American couple joins our team.

1993 Strategic partnerships begin. A joint ministry begins with mission partner HCJB World Radio (HCJB Global) to develop pastors and leaders in Latin America.

International expansion

1990 Re-naming reflects new focus. Leadership Resources International better expresses our passion to equip and encourage pastors in countries where rapid church growth is outpacing the development of church leaders.

TNT is born

2001 New pastor training strategy launched. “TNT” – Training National Trainers – focuses on a few who will then train others according to 2 Timothy 2:2. Pilot program with 10 tribal church leaders in a communist country in Asia begun.

2007 TNT strategy validated. Research of pilot program shows TNT achieves both depth through an on-going mentoring strategy and breadth through a “large numbers” –multiplication strategy.  The pilot results in at least 1,000 pastors and church leaders who received on-going training directly or indirectly through the original 10. Read more.

2011 Exponential growth. Through early 2011, ten TNT groups have graduated, with 20 TNT groups on-going in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Invitations flood in as the TNT model develops “street credibility”. See the list of current countries.

And beyond

So here we are…not because we’re so smart…but because God has faithfully led and provided over these past 40+ years. Today, He is increasing our opportunities to multiply pastoral training movements worldwide. To Christ be the glory!

For more on LRI’s history, listen to an interview with Bill Mills: How One Man’s Heart for Discipleship Turned into a Worldwide Movement of Biblical Exposition.

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