Mission: We equip and encourage pastors around the world to teach God’s Word with God’s heart

our-missionDriven by the need

Around the world, the Church has grown so quickly that the training of pastors hasn’t kept pace. So many pastors feel unequipped and inadequate for the task of leading and caring for their flocks.

Most of these pastors will never go to Bible school or seminary. So Leadership Resources brings it to them—the most essential training that they need.

Driven by the Bible

What is most essential for pastors? In our view, to teach and shepherd…  the Word of God and the Heart of God.

The Bible is our textbook. Hungry pastors learn how to study it, teach it, and preach it. But it’s not an academic approach.

Our trainers seek to humbly bring God’s heart and to see Him develop within each pastor the heart of a shepherd, formed by a biblical understanding of ministry.

Driven by a love for God

Why do our teachers endure grueling travel, queasy stomachs, and the stress of separation? To serve and equip faithful, yet desperately under-resourced pastors around the world.

Our dream is to launch pastoral training movements worldwide, to the glory of God. It’s happening. It’s all worth it.

Vision: To see God’s word flowing powerfully through every church to every nation.


Would you like in?

This is cutting-edge missions. Equipping nationals to do the work. Please join us. Learn about current programs by visiting our blog, join our Fuse Line, or give so we can go.