A Proven Plan for Spiritual Warfare

The_Battle1_1024x1024Do you have a strategy for spiritual warfare? When Satan comes against you by a direct frontal attack, by blindsiding you in a way you never anticipated, or by nipping at your heels like a dog to wear you down, what is your strategy for doing battle with him? What about when you face temptation or fear or there are conflicts in your marriage, family, or church? When wave after wave of grief pours over your soul, are you prepared for your enemies? Do you have a battle plan for times of sickness, confusion, and pressures beyond what you can bear, or when despair and hopelessness threaten to overwhelm your heart?

In the booklet, The Battle is the Lord’s! Praise, Worship, and Spiritual Warfare, Bill Mills shares a strategy for spiritual warfare that God lays out for us in His Word. It’s a strategy that King David practiced day after day, and one that the Lord has graciously taught Bill in the battles of his own life.

Buy The Battle is the Lord’s! Praise, Worship, and Spiritual Warfare in booklet or eBook form and learn about the Bible’s proven plan for spiritual warfare.

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