Why Bible Immersion Works: Pastor Drigo’s Story

Why Bible Immersion Works
There’s a reason we are committed immersing pastors in the Scriptures during our training in expository preaching: it works.

During one of our training sessions in the Philippines, Pastor Drigo felt like a wrecking ball of conviction had smashed into him. During preparation for a sample sermon from Mark 10, and the truth of God’s Word jumped off of the page into his life—and it stung.

In his study of the text, Drigo noticed that Jesus asked James and John (in Mark 10:35-45) the same question he asked a blind man named Bartimaeus (in Mark 10:46-52): “What do you want me to do for you?”

The disciples jumped on their chance to ask for glory and authority for themselves, while blind Bartimaeus’s only request was to see. Here is Pastor Drigo’s response:

“This passage caused me much turmoil as a pastor! I slept little last night, and I shed many tears. Today as I was getting ready to deliver my DO session [the session presenting his sample sermon], I was weeping over my own ministry shortcomings.

What was I seeking from Jesus for my people? Was I seeking something in line with the question of James and John, or was I seeking the servant heart of Bartimaeus?

If I don’t have the heart of Bartimaeus, I may be seeking the wrong things for my people! I confess sometimes I simply want to preach what would make my people like me. That’s no better than the question of James and John.

Pray for me that I may humbly be obedient to Christ seeking to bring the Word that the people in my congregation need according to God’s will, not my own!”

Why do use Bible immersion for training pastors? Training a pastor can’t be merely about unloading a dump truck’s worth of head knowledge onto a pastor’s lap and calling it a day—it must address the spiritual condition of a pastor by shining the light of God’s Word into their soul, so their life and ministry will be shaped by it.

As preachers like Drigo prepare for our workshops, they wrestle through the biblical text with our hermeneutical principles, seeking to understand God’s Word and the author’s intent so they can apply it at a deep level.

Join us in praying for Pastor Drigo to have a servant’s heart like Bartimaeus and grow in his ability to selflessly serve his church and feed them God’s Word.

And pray that Leadership Resources’ training in the Philippines would continue to expand by encouraging and equipping many more generations of pastors to preach God’s Word with God’s heart.

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