Language of the Heart: 20 Worship Prompters & Meditations on Prayer

The following is from the foreword of Bill Mills’ new book Language of the Heart: 20 Worship Prompters & Meditations on Prayer.

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Language of the Heart Front CoverAnother book on prayer…I’m for it!

Years ago I received notice of a conference being offered on marriage. I did not recognize the speaker for the event nor the promoters behind it so I asked a fellow pastor for his opinion. Without hesitation he exclaimed, If it’s about marriage…I’m for it!

Why do some subjects arouse, even demand, such daring response? Do they slow us down just enough to consider the human condition? Do they whisper in our ear, All is NOT right and likely never will be as you wish? Do they exercise a unique power to stir the depths and bring to surface the ache of the soul? Could it be they tap into a primal hunger for God and longing to be whole?

Just here prayer comes in. What is prayer? Quite simply, to pray is to talk to God. It is the natural and reciprocal response in the relationship we have with Him. Why pray? We pray because we cry…because we are weak…because we know all is not as it should be. We pray because we long for a better day. We pray because we look forward to an eternal paradise and reach out to embrace the good and glorious God who will bring it to pass. We pray because we hunger for Him and long to be whole.

Bill asked if I would write the foreword to his new book. I am not sure why. I hesitate to ask. I suspect it was his gentle, yet devious plan to pull me from my busyness and push me to read his words…words he knew I needed. Speculative? Perhaps. What I do know is that I feel a great sense of honor.

I have known Bill for more than 20 years. I have worked closely with him for the last dozen. By closely I mean just that. I have logged hundreds of thousands of air miles and served countless hours with him across the globe. We have known great joy and occasionally found ourselves in a bit of trouble. God has been good and I am honored to count him a dear friend. Why do I heartily commend his book to you? I do so because Bill is a man of prayer and his book will help you to become one, too.

In these pages you will peer into one man’s soul. You will see what many say of him, the “real deal,” a man who loves God with heart, soul, strength and mind. “Higher plane”…perfection this side of glory? No, he does not live as if he has arrived in heaven, but as one who is on a journey to it. He does not act as if he fully knows, but as one who hungers for God and longs to be whole. Read these words with care. They are imperative for true spirituality and go a long way to explain Bill’s passion for and practice of prayer.

Alongside this book, you will also find help to become a person of prayer. Bill describes his book as worship prompters and meditations on the theme of prayer. I think they will prove much more. They will prompt and lead you to meditate, but will also stir, hearten, enliven and galvanize in you a desire to grow as a person of prayer. They will put you in touch with that primal hunger for God and longing to be whole.

Another book on prayer…I’m for it.

Todd Kelly
Global Ministries Director
Leadership Resources International

Below is a short interview with Bill Mills, the founder of Leadership Resources and author of Language of the Heart: 20 Worship Prompters & Meditations on Prayer:

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