6 Myths of Discipleship (Colin Marshall)

6 Myths of Christian Discipleship in the Church - Disciple Making Resources

Leadership Resources recently hosted Colin Marshall, author of The Trellis and the Vine, for a conference creating a disciple-making culture in your church. (Access audio and video of the Re:Growth Conference.)

Below is a segment from the Re:Growth Conference sharing six myths of Christian discipleship:

Here are the Six Myths of Discipleship shared by Colin Marshall:

1) Discipleship is a second stage of Christian experience after conversion. You can be a Christian but not a disciple.

2) Discipleship is only for the super Christian.

3) Discipleship is a ministry method or a program.

4) Discipleship is about personal accountability to a discipler.

5) Preaching is not really about discipling people.

6) Making disciples is only for those with a certain gifting, temperament or ministry.

What myths would you add? Let us know in a comment.

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