One Pastor Obeying the Call to Multiply His Ministry

A major facet of Training National Trainers (our pastoral training program) is multiplication.

We train pastors in biblical exposition, they encounter God through His Word, and they take our training and share it with other pastors in their area and leaders in their church.

The video below includes Rolando from Oaxaca, Mexico. God answered Rolando’s prayers by sending Leadership Resources International to train him to study and preach Scripture; and now he is going out to train others.

Through training leaders like Rolando, Leadership Resources International is obeying God’s call in 2 Timothy 2:2, “what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

Rolando is truly doing 2 Timothy 2:2 says!

Be praying for this man and his ministry!

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A Refreshing Approach to Missions in Tanzania

In the video below, Africa Regional Director Doug Dunton describes the unique approach to missions in Tanzania, Africa in our Training National Trainer program. Training National Trainers focuses on training in biblical exposition that directly impacting the pulpits and congregations in Tanzania with the Word of God.

Here are some highlights of the video:

  • Training that directly impacts the pulpit. The TNT program transforms the preaching ministry of the local church. Throughout the TNT process, pastors learn how to dig the rich truth from the Scriptures so they can then communicate that truth to their congregations. Dr. Barnabas pastors a church of over 2,000 members. This means the tools and transformation that TNT brings directly impacts a very large number of believers. (Learn more about what God is doing in our ministry to strengthen the world with the Word.)
  • Focus on Exposition. This goes hand-in-hand with pulpit transformation because it teaches pastors to preach God’s message from God’s Word instead of their own message with verses for support. Time and again TNTers say that they had never heard that approach before. (See Allan’s testimony from Honduras for a first hand account of this.) Doug explains that two major reasons this is needed: to expose false doctrine and confront the “Name It Claim It” teaching that is prevalent in Africa.
  • Contextualization. A white North American will not be able to minister in Africa with the same effectiveness and ease of an African who has spent his whole life in that culture. Leadership Resources International seeks to equip national pastors to do the work of ministry, empowering them instead of causing them to be dependent upon foreigners for Word-centered ministry.

Bible Study Questions for Interpreting Old Testament Narrative


Old Testament narratives describe the creation and fall of man, the background of God’s chosen people, and anticipate the coming of Jesus Christ. Much of the Old Testament story is told as a story in narrative form–in fact over forty percent of the Old Testament is narrative.

While some passages are easier to interpret than others, other passages leave readers scratching their heads.

“What do Israel’s kings have to do with my life?” “How does the book of Nehemiah point us to Christ?” “Why should I care about the Hittites!?”

Questions like these abound and sadly cause many to skip reading the Old Testament. According to 2 Timothy 3:16-17, all of Scripture is God-breathed and useful. But just as we read novels differently than the newspaper, we should approach each biblical genre in a different way to best understand and apply them the way God desires.

In the appendix of the book One to One Bible Reading, David Helm shares the following basic questions for studying Old Testament narratives. We pray they would be a tool in your Bible reading tool box that can help you be transformed by the riches of God’s Word!

• What has happened so far in the narrative? Have there been any major events, characters or
• What has happened just prior to the section you are reading?

• What do you learn about the main characters in this section? How does the author describe
them? How do they describe themselves?
• Is time or place significant in the events that happen in the passage?
• Is there a conflict or high point in the passage?
• Do you think there is a main point or theme in this section of the story?
• What surprises are there?

• Are there any ‘editorial’ comments from the author about the events in the narrative? How do
these comments illuminate what is happening?
• Does someone in the narrative learn something or grow in some way? How? What does this
person learn?
• How does the passage point forward to what God is going to do in the future? Does it prophesy
or anticipate Jesus Christ in some way?
• How could you sum up the meaning of this passage in your own words?

• How does this passage challenge your understanding about who God is and what he is like?
• Is there some attitude or behavior you need to change?

Related Resource: Bible Study Questions for the Gospels and Acts

one-to-one-bible-reading-book-review-summary-questions-193x300Leadership Resources International seeks to train pastors and church leaders worldwide to study the Word of God in depth using a variety of hermeneutical principles. Learn more about our Training National Trainers Program or how you can help the worldwide spread of God’s Word!

Download a PDF of these questions and the rest of the COMA questions from the book One to One Bible Reading. Used with permission from Matthias Media.

Author: Kevin Halloran

TNT Update: God at Work in Tanzania and Uganda


Doug Dunton, the Regional Director for Africa, recently trained pastors in Tanzania and Uganda as part of the Training National Trainers program. Below is an update of his trip and some highlights of how God is using our training to equip pastors for biblical ministry.

Different Places and Different Faces–But the Same Story: Four Highlights from our ministry in Africa

1. “Entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also…” 2 Timothy 2:2

Doug: “I spent two days with six mentor trainers (country leaders who will continue our training after we are gone), training them how to best do Word Work, teaching and discussing our hermeneutical principles, and Program Work, which has a practical focus on how to set up more training venues and how God has used their ministries.

3.Lira-Group-and-MTs-300x183One of our goals in The Mentor Trainer Program is to give mentor trainers a sense of empowerment. We want them to believe that they are competent by God’s grace to do this work and that they don’t need to depend on outside influence.

This was one of the most, if not the most, dynamic venues I have been at. They were equipped, competent, and confident of their work.”

This is what LRI’s tagline, “Launching pastoral training movements worldwide” is all about. We train people in the Word and after God transforms and equips them in and through His Word, they continue the work we started.

2. Equipping people for ministry in their own contexts.

George, recent graduate of an American seminary and a dynamic African leader had this to say about the Training National Trainers program:

“This is a ministry that takes it down to a local level… Everything I have learned in higher education does not work on the local level.”

Leadership Resources seeks to equip pastors like George for ministry in their own contexts. Our approach to missions in Training National Trainers equips nationals to reach their own people.

God has used George to plant thirteen churches, raise up thirteen pastors, and develop each of the thirteen churches to serve as Resource Centers that train pastors and do church planting. George also teaches at a local Baptist seminary and teaches our TNT principles to his students.

3. God’s Word softening a hard and difficult heart.

In one of our 2 Timothy workshops, a pastor named Alfred was deeply convicted through God’s Word and shared the following testimony:

“I’m known to be a very difficult man… This week I’ve learned that I do not lead with a heart that is right for the ministry. I’ve been selective in what I do and who I work with. I thought I was always right–and now I realize I need to repent and will be easier to work with and more beneficial to all. I never want to be a difficult man again.”

God’s Word cut Alfred to the heart and caused him to rethink what a true biblical ministry is all about. His story of transformation is not uncommon, but is something we expect because of what God promises to do through His Word.

4. Reprogramming minds through the Scriptures

One of our older trainees commented that our training is reprogramming the way he thinks about the Word of God.

“This is difficult…I feel like I have to ‘offload’ a lot of my previous knowledge. What I learned today is a different way–but a good way to learn.”

Below is a short video of Doug Dunton describing more about his time in Africa:

Doug plans to return to Uganda in several months to train in six different locations. Pray that God would continue to use and expand our training to cause His Word to prevail mightily across the continent of Africa.

Your church can be a part of God’s work through Leadership Resources in Africa and around the world. Find out how you can become an anchor church and partner with us to strengthen the worldwide church with the Word of God.

Hungry for the Word of God: How God Satisfied One Pastor’s Deep Longing


Bill Mills, the Founder of Leadership Resources, recently came back from a trip to train pastors in a sensitive region of the world. When Bill returned, he was eager to share the following story about how God has been working in one of our trainees.

The trainee, who we will call Carl, is a pastor who heard about our training session from a friend. He initially thought our training focused primarily on speaking skills and wasn’t interested in coming.

“I had decided not to come because what I heard about the training was that it was going to be focused on speaking skills. I didn’t feel like I had a great need in that area… but I was hungry for the Word of God.”

Even with a faulty notion of what our the Training National Trainers program was, Carl decided to come (albeit reluctantly) because God placed it on his heart.

As he began the TNT process, Carl quickly learned that this program would greatly aid him preach and teach the Bible. He realized that God led him to our training specifically to give him what he hungered for: training in the Word and encouragement from the Word.

Carl said this after his first day in training:

“I have received the Word of God. My heart is greatly encouraged. But my mind has exploded because the tools with which we studied have changed my perspective completely on how to look at the Word of God, how to study it, and how to bring it to my people. What a gift this is to me! Thank you for coming [to train us]!”

After one day of training, Carl knew that God led him to be there. Will you pray with us for Carl, his church, and his group’s four years of training that remain?

Stories like Carl’s are not out of the ordinary. Pastors come to our training overseas and in the United States with a wide range of expectations and even some concerns. The consistent response across languages, cultures, and education levels is just like Carl’s; people are equipped to read the Bible at a deeper level and preach God’s Word with God’s heart.

We praise God for his work in Carl’s life!

“…Thank the LORD for his steadfast love, for his wondrous works to the children of man!
For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.” Psalm 107:8-9

Your church can be a part of God’s work through Leadership Resources! Find out how you can become an anchor church and partner with us to strengthen the worldwide church with the Word of God.



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