6 Myths of Discipleship (Colin Marshall)

6 Myths of Christian Discipleship in the Church - Disciple Making Resources

Leadership Resources recently hosted Colin Marshall, author of The Trellis and the Vine, for a conference creating a disciple-making culture in your church. (Access audio and video of the Re:Growth Conference.)

Below is a segment from the Re:Growth Conference sharing six myths of Christian discipleship:

Here are the Six Myths of Discipleship shared by Colin Marshall:

1) Discipleship is a second stage of Christian experience after conversion. You can be a Christian but not a disciple.

2) Discipleship is only for the super Christian.

3) Discipleship is a ministry method or a program.

4) Discipleship is about personal accountability to a discipler.

5) Preaching is not really about discipling people.

6) Making disciples is only for those with a certain gifting, temperament or ministry.

What myths would you add? Let us know in a comment.

Re:Growth Conference with Colin Marshall (Audio and Video)

ReGrowth Conference - Colin Marshall - Disciplemaking in the Local Church

Last month, Leadership Resources had the privilege of hosting the Re:Growth Conference with Colin Marshall, author of the acclaimed The Trellis and the Vine (watch a short video summary of The Trellis and the Vine) for a conversation around growing a culture of disciples making disciples in the local church.

What is Re:Growth?

Re:Growth is more than a training course: it’s a theologically driven approach to leading culture change. Rather than a superficial fix or a short course, Re:Growth is a robust process that aims for lasting and true change.

The ultimate aim of Re:Growth is to change the ministry DNA of the whole church, by doing a deep work in a few change makers, a work which will multiply as they, and you, make disciples.

Re:Growth has been developed on biblical principles of discipleship, and a tried and tested framework that has emerged from real world experience and groundwork of coaching churches in many different areas and contexts.

Here is a short biography for Colin Marshall:

Colin has spent the past 40 years training men and women in the ministry of the gospel, both in university and local church contexts. He is a graduate of Moore Theological College and the author of The Trellis and the Vine (with Tony Payne)Growth Groups, and Passing the Baton. He was the Director of the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) for 15 years to 2006 and took up the role of International Director until 2009. Alongside his work for MTS, he was Chaplain to the NSW Cricket Team for 8 years.

Col founded the Vinegrowers ministry in 2010 to help pastors and church leaders implement the principles of The Trellis and the Vine and build churches where disciple-making affects everything. He works alongside the ministry team at St George North Anglican Church in Sydney, training men to be effective leaders of disciple-making ministries.

Suggested ways to use this resource:

  • Watch with your ministry team and go through the discussion questions provided by Marshall. (If you would prefer to listen in on discussion from the discipleship conference, you can watch the version with discussion here.)
  • Follow along with Colin’s PowerPoint and take notes on the ReGrowth Handout.
  • Consider browsing the Vinegrowers website and engaging Colin Marshall as a consultant for your church or ministry. You can also sign up for Vinegrowers newsletter to stay in the loop.
  • Watch the video or download the audio of the four sessions below.

Download Conference Audio

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:

Pastor Training Takes Center Stage on the Church’s Global Agenda

Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers 2016If you are a pastor-trainer, we urge you to attend the June, 2016 Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers in Bangkok, Thailand. You will be joining the Leadership Resources’ team as well as pastor trainers from around the world for this unique event which is focused solely on the
urgent need for pastoral training.

The need is immense and Dr. Richard highlights that only about 5% of the world has trained pastors to help lead the Church worldwide.

unnamedThis Congress addresses this tragedy directly by bringing together the next generation of pastoral trainers to help equip and empower pastors so that Church might come to full maturity in Christ and display his glory to the nations.

Leadership Resources has been asked by the General Convener of the Congress, Dr. Ramesh Richard, to facilitate a workshop track (called Parallel Sessions) on Biblical Engagement and Pastoral Training. We are honored to do so and grateful for this emphasis at the Congress. See Dr. Richard’s gracious invitation to us below.

Please make this Congress a priority. You may begin the application process at the GProCongress website. We look forward to seeing you at this momentous event!

Here is Dr. Richard’s invitation:

Leadership Resources launches pastoral training movements. The training of pastors could well have become the missions priority for the 21st century. Since God has called, gifted, and placed at least 2.2 million pastoral leaders all over the world, with only 5% trained for pastoral ministry, there are large numbers of pastors who need skills, tools, and relationships for ministry effectiveness and longevity. Sustained movements address this huge deficit especially across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

unnamed (1)Over the years, LRI has equipped and encouraged hundreds of pastors trainers serving in more than 35 countries. These pastor trainers represent an ideal network of candidates who would benefit greatly as participants at the GProCongress. The invitation to LRI’s substantive participation in the build-up and follow-up, as well as the strategy and impact of the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers, comes with gratitude after careful study of major alignment of their approaches with the objectives of the GProCongress.

As an organization, LRI carries long credibility in the pastoral training “industry” in strengthening the lives of pastors. Their focus on biblical preaching emphasizes the deepest felt-need by pastors all over world—having to deliver God’s Word regularly. The model of how LRI is helping pastors preach faithfully and relevantly is why I have invited you to facilitate, create, and followup with the Biblical Engagement & Pastoral Training focus—one of just seven parallel sessions in the dynamic, task-focused program.

It will not only provide additional exposure for LRI, but create major opportunities to contribute to the foundational need of biblical engagement in pastoral leadership, since pastoral health affects church health and church health affects societal health.

Ramesh Richard, PhD, ThD
General Convener, Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers
President, RREACH/Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary
Founder, Trainers of Pastors International Coalition [TOPIC]

How to Get Involved

  1. Come – plan now to join us for the GProCongress by applying.
  2. Bring – recruit other pastoral trainers to join you. We are making available an incentive program for recruiting. Learn more.
  3. Send – help other pastoral trainers from weaker economic conditions to attend the Congress, as you are able. Donate.
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