Why Training Others Can Help You Be a Better Pastor

leer la bibliaRussell Smidt shared over at Matthias Media’s GoThereFor.com eight ways training others in ministry has helped him grow as a pastor:

  1. A ministry training philosophy (Eph 4) reminds me that my church is really Jesus’ church. It grows and matures because of him. So, as I invest in others to serve in Jesus’ church, I’m reminded that I’m replaceable.
  2. A commitment to ministry training keeps me looking for the next generation of gospel workers that God is raising up to serve in his church, enabling growth.
  3. Being a ministry trainer exposes me to working in a ministry team. It also takes away some of the loneliness of gospel ministry.
  4. Ministry trainees keep me purposefully thinking about why I do what I do in ministry.
  5. Trying to be intentional about ministry training means I have to plan ahead to create opportunities for others to serve.
  6. The more intentional I am about ministry training, the more opportunities I start to see for others to serve in ministry.
  7. Inviting someone else to walk alongside and learn from me exposes my life to them. That vulnerable sharing of my life is good for my godliness.
  8. Seeing someone else have a go and grow in ministry spurs me on to keep serving Jesus and his people.

Read the whole article at GoThereFor.com.

Part of God’s Bigger Story


Dear Friends and Partners,

I hate to wait. Long lines…or driving behind a too-slow car… or waiting for a website to load. Louise keeps reminding me, “be patient Craig!”

But, sometimes waiting is more than merely inconvenient…sometimes it’s agonizing. Waiting…for your loved one in surgery…for a job offer to come…for a wayward child to turn to the Lord…

Before the first Christmas, God’s people suffered and waited. Elizabeth and Zechariah were waiting for God to answer their prayers for a child (perhaps it was too late, or so it seemed). Simeon was waiting “for the consolation of Israel” because life in the Promised Land was full of sorrow. Anna spoke to all who were “waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem” while the city was run by the over-rulers of Rome.

All of God’s people were waiting for Messiah. But it had been so very long. There had not been a son of David on the throne for almost 600 years. God had not spoken through the prophets for more than 400 years. Israel had been under foreign domination the whole time. How long would they have to wait until God came?

At last he came, almost sneaking into our world. What a motley crew God used!

  • Zechariah, a priest who refused to believe what the angel told him.
  • Elizabeth, a barren old woman.
  • John, an odd recluse.
  • Mary, an unmarried teenager.
  • Anna, a widow for 84 years.
  • Simeon, an old man ready to die.

They each discovered what they were really waiting for: for God to weave their stories into his Story.

What an amazingly gracious God…to include us in his Story. This year you have been a part of God’s story at Leadership Resources. You’ve prayed, you’ve volunteered, and you’ve given. Our team thanks God for you and wishes you a very Merry Christmas, as together we wait and work until He comes again.

With much gratitude in Christ our Lord,

craig-parroCraig Parro


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Giving Thanks in a Black Friday World


Dear Friends and Partners,

William Bradford of the Plymouth Colony called for the first Thanksgiving celebration to thank God for the freedoms, blessings, and protection the settlers had experienced.

Like many other holidays, our culture has hijacked Thanksgiving—shifting the focus to food, family, football, and the unofficial start of the Christmas season. Thanking God is largely lost.

How ironic, and yet how tragic, that Black Friday—known for being the biggest consumption day of the year—is the day that directly follows a day we are to thank God for what we have!

But there is some good news: many have realized this problem, and in 2012, a new holiday about giving back was birthed: #GivingTuesday. #GivingTuesday takes place the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving (this year is December 1st). #GivingTuesday encourages generosity toward many charities to fight disease, dig wells for those without access to water, and care for the environment.

But as believers, we long to give toward work that will do great things in Christ’s name for a Kingdom impact. We don’t want only diseases cured; we want Christ’s healing for the nations (Revelation 22:2). We want God’s Word and Spirit to dig wells in people’s souls so that the living water will satisfy their deepest thirsts (John 4:14). We want to build up Christ’s church and put His glory on display.

To do that, we would like to offer you a chance to give back in the spirit of #GivingTuesday and help us with a very real need. We’re on the verge of postponing a pastor training session because of a lack of funds. We had to do so last year in Ecuador, so this is a very real concern. Your generous gift this Thanksgiving will allow us to continue to build up this group of pastors in the Scriptures. In addition, it will be a great way to give thanks to God for His abundant blessing!

Cover_Concern for the Heart of GodTo thank you for your gift, we would love to send you a booklet Todd Kelly, our International Director, wrote called Concern for the Heart of God, which reminds us that the heart with which we serve is far more important to our Father than what we accomplish in ministry.

This Thanksgiving (and every other day of the year!) with all of our hearts, we thank God for you and your partnership in His amazing work.

With much thanksgiving in Christ,


Craig Parro





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